Chimo Lodge will always hold a special place in my heart. My dad began bringing my brother and I up north in 1985 and I look forward to the trips now with the same excitement as I did back then.

I have fished many bodies of water throughout the Midwestern United States and Canada but year after year I return to Chimo. The lodge has always been beautiful and owner/operator Peter Hagedorn makes it his priority to continue improving the accommodations annually.

All things considered, including a fly in remote setting, comfortable cabins and phenomenal fishing opportunities make this one of the best values in Canada.

Roderick Lake is truly an awesome fishery. I've fished it in May, June, July and August with great results during each calendar period under many different circumstances. Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout are the featured sport fish here with great numbers and size of fish available.

If you choose to focus on Lake Trout the challenge is locating them throughout the season. The reward is worth the challenge for Lakers as Roderick hosts generous average catches with a legit shot at trophy size fish.

Walleye fishing here is a treat. Skilled and beginning anglers alike should enjoy searching for old marble eye on this shield lake. Patterns and locations will vary throughout the spring and summer. Our group has experienced amazing walleye fishing ever since we started fishing back in the 1980's and continue to enjoy it now. The fact is that size of walleye is better now than ever. Average size eye is 14-19 inches, many fish are over 20 inches and it is very common to catch numbers of walleye from 21 to 25 inches. On a daily basis, especially in spring (May-June) we routinely boat big walleye ranging from 26-28 inches, the big fish of the day is usually six pounds or bigger.

Northern Pike fishing on Roderick Lake is really exciting right now. There has always been a good pike population here but in recent years the potential for pike to reach trophy size has increased dramatically. Catch and release practices and rule changes instituted have taken effect and we are seeing more huge pike than ever before. The fishermen in our group have released a ton of northerns over 35 inches and now good numbers over 40 inches with the biggest reaching 44-45 inches.

The future is brighter than ever for the fishing at Chimo Lodge, I sincerely believe this to be true. In the years to come my own sons will be able to carry on the tradition of annual fishing trips to this very special place.

Mike Sparacio
Lifetime Patron of Chimo Lodge since 1985

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